stefanie-linkedinMy name is Stefanie and I’m a certified life coach. What does that mean? It just means I’ve had some training in supporting people to live the lives they really want to live after, of course, I did this for myself. My life was once punctuated with self-limiting patterns. I was attracting the same people with different faces. As if being stuck in some mysterious quagmire, I finally realized that I deserved better. Let me clarify further. It became clear to me that I genuinely deserved better and once I deep-down understood this, that’s when life started to change. This is just where it starts and it took some work and time to get there.

Through the gift that is life-coaching, I learned to embrace all of who I am — the good parts and the parts that I didn’t think were so good. The critical, sad and unforgiving parts. Understanding all of these dimensions of myself helped me to realize my wholeness and to know that even with my less-than-perfect parts, I was still pretty good and the same is true of you.

Once you can embrace all of who you are and learn to love yourself completely that’s when you start attracting the life you really want and I promise we’ll have fun getting there! Call me at 865-675-3660 or email me at Stefanie@lolcoach.com.


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